Guiding Principles

At Aayega we have three guiding principles for everything we build. We believe that by focusing on these three aspects and bringing them to the forefront during planning, we can deliver the best products & services for our customers.


Security is the most important thing in modern development. Without proper security, one brings risk not only to themselves, but also to all their customers. Yet, often security comes as an afterthought. This can lead to fundamentally insecure designs, that can be very difficult to transition away from or redesign. We believe in putting security first, so that solutions can be secure from the design up.

Thoughtful Design

There are many reasons solutions may be designed without thought. However, whether it is to save on costs, time, or just using something known, it rarely works out in the long run. A well designed system will be faster, cheaper, and easier to maintain in the long run. We believe in spending time up front designing a well architected solution, using the right technologies, in order to deliver the highest quality product for our customers.


Vendor and technology lock in can be a huge issue in modern development, even more so in the age of cloud computing. We believe in leaning towards vendor agnostic and portable solutions whenever possible. This will give the customer the most freedom in the future. Much like a well-architected design, a flexible design will also be faster, cheaper, and easier to maintain in the long run.