Cybersecurity Services

The modern day arms race is digital, and in an era of ever increasing cyber threats, every organization needs to be prepared. At Aayega we have a broad and thorough understanding of cybersecurity, and offer many services to keep your organization safe in this modern digital age.

We can conduct pen testing and red teaming operations in order to test the defenses of your organization and reveal the cracks in your network or infrastructure. Our team also has vast experience in building numerous security solutions:

  • Network security monitoring from the application layer all the way down to the physical layer.
  • Endpoint security for protecting all the devices on your network, and eliminating all attack vectors.
  • Application log aggregation and infrastructure monitoring solutions to provide visibility into what’s happening in your infrastructure.

Let us help you set up the out-of-the-box solutions that fit your needs, or build the custom tools necessary to better protect your business.